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Soprano Laser Hair Removal

Image aesthetics uses the Soprano ICE laser system for hair reduction. Soprano ICE is the latest, most effective and comfortable method of hair reduction.

Soprano has been proven as safer, equally or more effective and resulting in considerably less pain than other laser hair removal technologies. It can also be used all year round and on all skin types. The Soprano ICE recently won gold in the aesthetic awards as “treatment of the year” for the second year running.

All treatments within the clinic are performed by a Registered General Nurse with a high standard of training.

Soprano ICE Machine Laser Hair Removal

Soprano ICE

Soprano ICE cools the skin with an encircled sapphire tip preventing surface burns while maintaining heat with-in the dermis.

This high fluency system provides an even more comfortable and faster treatment with IMPROVED results for light coloured and thin hair.

Vicky Dawson


Hair removal is now one of the most popular, well known and researched uses of laser in the aesthetic field. The Soprano ICE laser has provided hair reduction to thousands of people worldwide successfully and safely.

The Soprano ICE unique patented high repetition rate and low fluence delivery system makes soprano ICE safest for ALL skin types. Darker skin may require more treatment sessions.

The laser beam is made up of precisely controlled pulses of energy, it is absorbed by the melanin or pigment in the hair and targets the hair follicles that lie beneath the skin. The energy heats down to the root until the required heat energy is delivered to the hair follicle and damaging or destroying the base of the follicle so it can no longer produce hair.

Hair grows in 3 cycles called anagen, Catagen and telogen. The anagen hair is the active or growing hair which is attached to the blood supply in the follicle. The other 2 stages are shedding and resting. ONLY hair in the anagen phase can be effectively, permanently destroyed during laser treatment which is why multiple treatments are required at certain intervals.

For the face 4-5 weeks apart is recommended and the body 6-7 weeks. Treatment on a regular basis is advised to get maximum benefit.

During a free consultation, you will be assessed and advised about the number of treatments you may require. Usually 6-8 treatments. Body treatments may require less and facial hair may require more and is dependent on the individual.

Your hair will be assessed at your free consultation and a patch test will be given to determine the effect for hair colour.

Yes, it is extremely helpful to have all areas treated to be shaved preferably 24 hours prior. Avoid the use of retinoid and steroid creams.

Shaving or trimming are preferred methods. Do not pluck or wax as this removes the hair and bulb and so means it cannot be targeted by the laser.

Side effects are rare with minimal warmth or redness. The encircled sapphire tip cools the skin whilst treating. If the skin is pink or red after treatment, this usually resolves within minutes. All lasers present a risk of burning to the skin however with the Soprano ICE these risks are much more reduced.

Yes, you can wear makeup to clinic, however this will be removed prior to treatment.


Treatment prices below are for single sessions.

  • Upper Lip £50.00
  • Chin £50.00
  • Cheeks £50.00
  • Sideburns £50.00
  • Eyebrows (in between) £50.00
  • Neck £60.00
  • Under Arms £80.00
  • Back £195.00
  • Shoulder £65.00
  • Chest £175.00
  • Abdomen £120.00
  • Buttocks £135.00
  • Bikini Line £85.00
  • Extended Bikini Line £110.00
  • Hollywood £145.00
  • Half Legs £175.00
  • Full Legs £295.00

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